Buy Chiropractic Friendly Designed Shoes That Feel Good and Look Good.

There are few shoe companies in the world, that are designing and making shoes which follow the natural human foot shape. Innate Chiropractic is proud to have two of these shoes brands available in the clinic.

Topo Athletic and Vivobarefoot shoes offer a simple and no-gimmick design that encourages instinctive and natural movement by honouring the shape and biomechanics of the human foot. Simply put, these shoes let your feet do their natural thing.

Chiropractic Recommended Walking & Running Shoes

Topo Athletic®

THE TOPO DIFFERENCE – Topo Athletic offers a unique fit and feel that encourages instinctive and natural movement that works seamlessly with the biomechanics of the foot.

Roomy Toe Box – Plenty of room for the toes to spread and splay. Traditional running shoes are designed with narrow toe boxes for style, not foot health. Topo’s roomy toe-box lets the toes spread for natural foot function and greater comfort.

Secure Midfoot and Heel – All Topo shoes have a snug fit through the midfoot and heel to help provide a secure connection to the foot while allowing space for the toes to spread and splay. This prevents that sloppy or disconnected feeling often associated with wider-fitting footwear, so you can move nimbly with confidence.

Low Heel to Toe Drop – Topo cushioned platforms are engineered with a 0mm, 3mm or 5mm heel-to-toe drop options, encouraging natural loading and foot motion during the gait cycle.

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Chiropractic Recommended Walking Shoes


Natural feet have all the technology they need, and a healthy shoe should let your feet do their natural thing.

Wide – A wide and foot shaped shoe allows your toes (and crucially your big toe!) to provide a stable foundation for natural, healthy movement.

Thin – A thin, puncture-resistant sole helps maximise the sensory feedback available to the brain from thousands of nerve endings in each foot.

Flexible – A flexible shoe allows the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to load, splay and recoil putting a natural spring in your step.




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