Mobility Month – March 2022


Mobility Month – March 2022

Are you as mobile as you think?

During March, we at Innate Chiropractic will be asking our patients to get more mobile this Mobility Month!

A recent survey by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) found that one in ten Australians claim their pain hindered their ability to play with their children; one in ten indicated this pain impacted their intimate relationships, and one in 20 affirmed their persistent pain resulted in increased friction with their partner.

With statistics like these, it is imperative we stay on top of our mobility and monitor any changes in our strength, balance and flexibility. This Mobility Month, try out these four simple tests to discover how ‘mobile’ you are:

1) Neck Rotation: testing how far and evenly you can turn your neck on each side.
a) Sitting down, keep your shoulders still and against a chair.
b) Turn your head all the way to the left, as if you were looking over your shoulder. How far around did you get?
c) Repeat on the right. Was it even? Was it comfortable?

2) Trunk Side Bend: testing how far you can run your hand down each side of your body.
a) Stand with your feet comfortably apart.
b) Run a hand down the side of your leg, so you side bend without leaning backwards or forwards.
c) Repeat on the other side. Was it even and was it comfortable to do?

3) Sit-to-Stand: testing the ease at which you can rise from your chair with crossed arms.
a) Sit in the middle of your chair. Cross your arms over your chest.
b) Keeping your back straight and arms across your chest.
c) Stand straight up and then sit back down. Did you do this easily or was it hard?

4) Single Leg Stance: testing how well you balance on each leg.
a) In a safe environment free of trip hazards, stand upright with feet together and place hands on hips.
b) Lift one foot off the ground. Do not allow your legs to touch. Time how long you can stand without moving.
c) Repeat on opposite side. Are you able to stand on each leg for at least 40 seconds?
(If under 60 years)

How was your flexibility, strength and balance? If you find that you are struggling with one of the tests, not to worry. We at Innate Chiropractic are here to help. Ask us about getting more mobile this March by contacting us via Innate Chiropractic.

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